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Parak Company have actually been in the curtain & upholstery business for about 16 years now. So we are representing a variety of brands, big brands of course

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'WHAT on earth are we doing here?'' I asked myself. It was 11 o'clock on a bleak winter Sunday morning in 2001. In the middle of my ward round as the intensive care specialist on duty at Melbourne's Austin Hospital, I was Testosterone Phenylpropionate Side Effects standing at the bedside of one of my patients, "buy cheap jintropin online" John, a 76 year old man with advanced cancer. He had been admitted to the intensive care unit two nights earlier after becoming dangerously short of breath.

One of my junior doctors had been called to Günstig Kamagra Oral Jelly Kaufen see John at 3am and had Oxandrolone Uk quickly established that he had pneumonia. It was clear John would die if we didn't do something to help him breathe. So the young doctor did Gensci Jintropin what he was trained to do; he gave John some medication to drift off to sleep, carefully fed a breathing tube down his throat into his trachea Buy Jintropin and, with the help of the intensive care nurses, connected the tube to a mechanical ventilator to push oxygen into his sick lungs.

Now, two days later, John was not getting better. In fact, he was slowly but surely getting worse: he needed more oxygen, the ventilator was working harder to push air into Testosterone Isocaproate Uses his lungs, his white cell count crucial for "buy cheap jintropin online" fighting infection was alarmingly low, and his blood circulation and kidneys were shutting down. His body, ravaged by the cancer that would certainly kill him, was also worn out by the chemotherapy he had been receiving.


گالری پرده پرک با بیش از 20 سال تجربه در زمینه ارایه پارچه های پرده ای اروپایی خاص و کاغذ دیواری  و پارکت , لمینیت و موکت  های متفاوت با آنچه
تا بحال دیده اید فعالیت می نماید            


خدمات ما بسیار گسترده بوده و از بدو شروع شما را از مرحله طراحی و اجرا تا دوخت ,نصب ,پشتیبانی و سایر مراحل صفر تا صد همراهی می نماییم تيم حرفه ای ما متشکل از دکوراتورها , مهندسان , معماران و دیزاینر های حرفه ای از ابتدا تا انتهای پروژه با شما خواهند بود و شما را در پروژه های شخصی , اداری , هتل و تجاری همراهی می کنن  

زمینه های فعالیت

شرکت پرده پرک با توجه به داشتن مشتریان خاص در سراسر ایران در زمینه های پارچه های اروپایی پرده ,رومبلی , دیوارکوب , پارچه کوب و کاغذ دیواری های دست ساز و غیر دست ساز و نیز انواع پرده های شید ,کرکره , بالارو , زبرا , عمودی , رومن , شید دوبل و چند مکانیسم و نیز پارکت , لمینیت , موکت ,  چمن مصنوعی و همچنین با توجه به نیاز مشتریان گرامی انواع خدمات ریل و پرده های برقی را ارایه می دهد


About us :

Parak Company have actually been in the curtain & upholstery business for about 16 years now. So we are representing a variety of brands, big brands of course that tou can find them in OUR BRANDS section in web site. Our main show rooms, 5 to be exact, are actually located in the best business districts of Tehran which is the capital and there is very big potential.At the present time, we are one of the leading name’s and we have our very special customers of course.We said ”special”, and I meant it.The rich, in my country, do love spending a lot and when it comes to Home decoration In whatever form, they always go on a spree.