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Parak Company have actually been in the curtain & upholstery business for about 16 years now. So we are representing a variety of brands, big brands of course

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A Book For All And None

"That would be the highest thing for me" so saith your lying spirit unto itself "to gaze upon life without desire, and not like the dog, with hanging out tongue:

To be happy in gazing: with dead will, free from the grip and greed of selfishness cold and ashy grey all over, but with intoxicated moon eyes!

That would be the dearest thing to me" thus doth the seduced one seduce himself, "to love the earth as the moon loveth it, and with the eye only to feel its beauty.

And this do I call IMMACULATE perception Buy Jintropin of all things: to want nothing else from them, but to be allowed to lie Acheter Viagra Bruxelles before them as a mirror with a hundred facets."

Oh, ye sentimental dissemblers, ye covetous ones! Ye lack innocence in your desire: and now do ye defame desiring on that account!

Verily, not as creators, as procreators, or as jubilators do ye love the earth!

Where is innocence? Where there is will to procreation. And he who seeketh to create beyond himself, hath for me the purest will.

Where is beauty? Where Testosterone Cypionate 200mg/Ml I MUST WILL with my whole Will; where I will love and perish, that an image may not remain merely an image.

Loving and perishing: these have rhymed from eternity. Will to love: that is to be ready also for death. Thus do I speak unto you cowards!

But now doth your emasculated ogling profess to be "contemplation!" And that which can be examined with cowardly eyes is to Testosterone Injections Ireland be christened "beautiful!" Oh, ye violators of noble names!

But it shall be your curse, ye immaculate ones, ye pure discerners, that ye shall never bring forth, even though ye lie broad and teeming on the horizon!

Verily, ye fill your mouth with noble words: and we are to believe that your heart overfloweth, ye cozeners?

But MY words are poor, contemptible, stammering words: gladly do I pick up what falleth from the table at your repasts.

Yet still can I say therewith the truth to dissemblers! Yea, my fish bones, shells, and prickly leaves shall tickle the noses of dissemblers!

Bad air Gensci Jintropin is always about you and your repasts: your lascivious thoughts, your lies, and secrets are indeed in the Anabolic Steroid Names air!

Dare only to Buy Cialis Germany believe in yourselves in yourselves and "Jintropin (Gensci Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.)" in your inward parts! He who doth not believe in himself always lieth.

A God's mask have ye hung in front of you, ye "pure ones": into a God's mask hath your execrable coiling snake crawled.

Verily ye deceive, ye "contemplative ones!" Even Zarathustra was once the dupe of your godlike exterior; he did not divine the serpent's coil with which it was stuffed.


گالری پرده پرک با بیش از 20 سال تجربه در زمینه ارایه پارچه های پرده ای اروپایی خاص و کاغذ دیواری  و پارکت , لمینیت و موکت  های متفاوت با آنچه
تا بحال دیده اید فعالیت می نماید            


خدمات ما بسیار گسترده بوده و از بدو شروع شما را از مرحله طراحی و اجرا تا دوخت ,نصب ,پشتیبانی و سایر مراحل صفر تا صد همراهی می نماییم تيم حرفه ای ما متشکل از دکوراتورها , مهندسان , معماران و دیزاینر های حرفه ای از ابتدا تا انتهای پروژه با شما خواهند بود و شما را در پروژه های شخصی , اداری , هتل و تجاری همراهی می کنن  

زمینه های فعالیت

شرکت پرده پرک با توجه به داشتن مشتریان خاص در سراسر ایران در زمینه های پارچه های اروپایی پرده ,رومبلی , دیوارکوب , پارچه کوب و کاغذ دیواری های دست ساز و غیر دست ساز و نیز انواع پرده های شید ,کرکره , بالارو , زبرا , عمودی , رومن , شید دوبل و چند مکانیسم و نیز پارکت , لمینیت , موکت ,  چمن مصنوعی و همچنین با توجه به نیاز مشتریان گرامی انواع خدمات ریل و پرده های برقی را ارایه می دهد


About us :

Parak Company have actually been in the curtain & upholstery business for about 16 years now. So we are representing a variety of brands, big brands of course that tou can find them in OUR BRANDS section in web site. Our main show rooms, 5 to be exact, are actually located in the best business districts of Tehran which is the capital and there is very big potential.At the present time, we are one of the leading name’s and we have our very special customers of course.We said ”special”, and I meant it.The rich, in my country, do love spending a lot and when it comes to Home decoration In whatever form, they always go on a spree.